Randy’s Weekly Reads (5/8/15)


Before I share some of the great articles and blogs I’ve read this week, I wanted to apologize for not publishing any new content this week. I created this blog to help you with your Quiet Time, and I take that seriously. I’ve been working on a great study – James 1:13ff – but it’s just been incredibly busy this week, and for some reason I’ve been led to continue working on it.

But, I do want to give a sneak preview of what I’ve learned through my research. In James 1:13ff he gives a brief analysis of temptation and sin. Here’s some of what we’ll get into next week:

“Sin always amplifies its benefits and minimizes its cost.” Tim Challies

“If we do not abide in prayer, we will abide in temptation.” John Owen

*The problem is not desire itself; the problem is when we seek to fulfill desire in ungodly ways.  (Me)

“If God is ‘untemptable’ as the passage literally proclaims, why am I so ‘temptable’?

I know I’ve enjoyed researching and meditating on that topic. I hope you’ll check it out next week and more importantly, be encouraged and challenged by it. For now, here’s two great reads I enjoyed this past week:

Difficulty Does Not Mean Desertion

This is a powerful and timely article by pastor and blogger Erik Raymond. I’m still wrestling with all the truth in this excerpt:  “It may be spiritual persecution, social pinching, physical suffering, or just the chaffing of life in a fallen world. We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that our present realities are neither a surprise to God nor a subversion to his plan. What’s more, we can be assured that since he is our Father, by means of gospel adoption, then every station of life is a station ordained by love. Difficulty does not mean desertion. If there was a better situation to be in at the present moment then divine love and wisdom would have put you there.”

The Real Reason We Fail To Pray

This gem is my author Michael Kelley! I’m not sure I agree it’s the “real reason”, but he has a great point! I won’t spoil it for you – read it and see what he says is the real reason. Do you agree?

Have a great weekend!


Author: Randy Allison

I am an adjunct professor and pastor, driven to understand more about faith and how to live that faith in twenty-first century America.

4 thoughts on “Randy’s Weekly Reads (5/8/15)”

  1. The Real Reason We Fail To Pray is a great reminder of who our confidence should be in. Thanks for sharing, Randy.


  2. WOW. The real reason we don’t pray was a great reminder that we do not have it all under control. Only our Lord can give us that and if we must not fail to speak to him. Thank you for sharing Mr. Randy.


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